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Rendimiento en los Juegos. Turning off some of the features can greatly speed up iMac or MacBook. It's and today's browsers got overly sophisticated. Chrome and other browsers often get overloaded with various add-ons and extensions we install on top of them. These tools do a useful job like checking our grammar but we pay for that with reduced browser speed.

You can battle that by reducing the number of open tabs a good practice in and off itself and by removing any browser extensions you don't need. Here is how to delete extra browser extensions in all 3 main browsers:. If you recently updated your OS, you would be aware of the slowness that occurs when Spotlight is indexing. This only takes a few hours and then your Mac will be fine.

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But sometimes the indexing gets stuck, and you need to speed up a Mac. Now drag your hard drive from Finder into the Privacy List. The indexing will start again, but hopefully, after a few hours, it will finish properly and boost your Mac speed. Remember, every desktop icon takes up RAM space. Fewer icons — the faster your Mac gets. When your Desktop is clean, restart your computer.

And the "Desktop Stacks" feature lets you put those icons in order.

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The mere deletion of desktop items will make your MacBook faster. Cache files are temporary data used to speed up the processes. For example, a web browser will cache web pages to download a website faster when you revisit it. Sounds great, right? So how to speed up MacBook by emptying the caches? There are two ways: you can clean them up manually step-by-step or you can remove them in a second with a cleaning utility CleanMyMac X.

So how to remove unwanted apps on your Mac? You may be surprised to find out that simply dragging them to a Trash bin is not enough. It leaves gigabytes of junk behind. Dragging documents and movies to Trash works fine but apps should be uninstalled completely.

Got a virus on your Mac? Here’s how to remove it

If you want the most bang for your buck, cleaning your hard drive is by far the best and easiest way to speed up MacBook or iMac. Go through your hard drive and clean out everything that is slowing it down. But what is slowing down my Mac? What to look for? Caches, logs, apps, widgets, hidden trash, large and old files.

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